Perforated Plates

Perforation is the specialty of Sungwon Hitech Co., Ltd.

Sungwon Hitech Co., Ltd. is a specialized company that produces high-quality perforated plates by
 understanding the patterns and special functions of perforated plates.

We can advise you precisely on the exact perforated plate you need for your project, and we can produce and deliver without going over budget, even under the tightest schedule.

Perforation forms

Perforated Plates

How to order perforated plates

 Checklist for ordering perforated plates!

1. Material2. Size3. Thickness4. Pitch (interval)
5. Shape of the holes
6. Diameter of the holes
7. Angle of the holes
8. Blank margin
Holes arranged in 60degree angles
Holes arranged in 45degree angles
Holes arranged in 90degree angles

Perforated Plates

Product specifications and usage

Maximum production specifications



Standard iron plate (SS400), stainless steel, aluminum, GI, etc., coil punching available

Use cases

Machines, electronics, electricity, automobiles, construction, etc.

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