What is Mycotex Honeycomb?

Mycotex Honeycomb

The Mycotex honeycomb panel is an innovative aluminum complex panel formed by “non-combustible aluminum sound-absorbent + honeycomb core + aluminum sheet”. The Mycotex honeycomb panel is a high-strength light material which provides efficient machinic performance. It is a cutting-edge material that is strong against climate change and environmental problems through excellent smoothness and hardness, plus it is also used as industrial structural materials for construction, interior, airplanes, trains, and ships.


Architectural interior materials, ceiling materials, subway stations, airport convention centers, opera houses, train cars, soundproof walls for high-speed trains, large roofs, etc.


Perfect flatness / High-strength light material / Eco-friendly, recyclable material / Soundproof or sound-absorbent / Short construction time, staying on schedule, economic cost / Great weather resistance

Airports, Opera Houses, Convention Centers

Mycotex honeycomb panels provide a flat, strong, and stable structure for use in buildings as a material for metal, glass, stone, and other exterior materials’ surfaces. They are used for exteriors, ceilings, canopies, and elevator interiors.

Train cars, subway stations

Mycotex honeycomb panels provide a lightweight solution. They are used in train tracks, cars, trucks, trailers, camping cars, racing cars, military, and special vehicles, mainly applied to walls, doors, floors, ramps, ceilings, bulkheads, seats, and shelves.

For ships

Aluminum and stainless steel are mainly used as Mycotex honeycomb panel materials for marine vessels. Our Mycotex honeycomb panels are available in a variety of sheet sizes, which can be applied in various places such as boat decks, partitions, hatches, door bulkheads, partition walls, and floor panels.

Mycotex Honeycomb

Surface material

Mycotex Honeycomb-01

Aluminum 0.5T, i-Type Mycotex

Aluminum 0.5T, Plate

Surface material

Mycotex Honeycomb-02

Aluminum 0.5T, Bi-Type Mycotex

Aluminum 0.5T, Plate

I-type Mycotex Surface material
i Pattern type0.4mm i-Type
0.4mm Bi-Type


6T, 8T


600mm * 1200mm

Flammability rating


Patent and design registration number
10-2019-0102904 30-0977890


This product is a patented and invented product. Producing knockoff products violates patent law.

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