What is Mycotex?

What is Mycotex 

It is a metallic Micro-hole Plate brand of Sungwon Hitech Co., Ltd.


Ultrafine holes, sound-absorbent, filtering, explosion-proof, cooling, anti-microbial, nonflammable, recyclable

It is a functional metallic material with ultrafine micro-holes in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, steel, titanium, and other metallic plate materials. Mycotex has explosion-proof, sound-absorbent, filtering, and cooling functionalities, making it fit for use in explosion-proof cases for electric vehicle battery packs, interior materials for airports, skyscrapers, schools, hospitals, convention centers, churches, and train cars. Furthermore, it can be used in facilities and equipment for preventing lightning strikes on airplanes.

Characteristics of Mycotex

Metallic, sound-absorbent, cutting-edge material with ultrafine 0.05mm holes

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