Perforated Plate Exterior Material

Creative perforated plate exterior material
Passion for design!

We can help you successfully bring your ambitious building projects to fruition.

Sungwon Hitech Co., Ltd. produces perfect perforated plate exterior material products based on innovative technology, and we can help you successfully bring your ambitious building projects to fruition. In addition, we also carry out important processes such as cutting, bending, painting, and galvanizing. Our passion for creative perforated plate exterior design shows through our continuous research and development.

Perforated Plate Exterior Material

Make an old building look like new!
Interior perforation exterior material.

OK during fire!

An immortal that does not burn! Toxic gas is not produced, and it does not catch on fire even in case of fire.

OK during earthquakes!

It is a material that absorbs earthquake vibrations. It is a very elastic metallic material, absorbing vibrations, safe in case of an earthquake.

OK over time!

Exterior materials that stand the test of time

It is a recyclable metallic material, and it can be used permanently.

A design preferred by everyone, a beloved type

Aluminum 2TGalvanized 1.2T
electro-galvanized EGI
Surface finish
Powder painting

Bright primary color
available. Glossy,
semi-gloss, and matte

Fluoropolymer painting

Fluoropolymer painting,|
resistant to seawater
and salt, only matte and
semi-gloss available
(limited colors)


 Excellent expression of
metallic luster, color
does not peel off,
(aluminum only)

Perforated Plate Exterior Material

Construction method

The installation types that can be installed most easily

1. U-shape installation
Generally most preferred type
2. Hat-type installation
Exposed type with the connection
 parts as standouts

*Bending height can be adjusted depending on desired specification.

Perforated Plate Exterior Material

 material size

Best value for money!
We recommend the size most appropriate for your construction!

Material size

(sheet shape)

Aluminum 2T / Galva EGI 1.2T

*We can cut and bend the ready-made materials (sheets)
to desired dimensions.

Production size

(Outer dimension size
 after bending)

Aluminum 2T / Galva EGI 1.2T

*It is the production size where the ready-made materials (sheets) can be used most effectively.

Perforated Plate Exterior Material

Exterior material design

Sungwon Hitech’s 
 unique design!!

Perforated Plate Exterior Material

Photos of perforated exterior material construction

Increased value of the building! Increased value of the space!

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